Pinners Conference is coming!

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Mom and I have a lot of fun with Pinterest. We send each other pins all of the time. I know my mom is becoming a night owl since I get a lot of them after midnight. 🙂 I use it to keep track of geekery I come across, like crafts I want to try and make. We are both excited to go to the Pinners Conference next month here in Utah!

Have you ever wanted to meet the people who are making such fabulous foods, crafts and more? Here’s your chance! There will be two days worth of classes, along with the opportunity to do some shopping.

Some of the classes that I am interested in:

“Get Organized the Happy Gal Way”

I am trying to finally get our home (and my life!) organized, though it certainly isn’t easy. I could use any tips and tricks to make it happen.

“Tricks To Stay Productive & Get Things Done, Even With Kids”

Oh heck yes. I only have one adorable kidlet and it can be really hard to get all of the things I need and want to get done. I am going to this one for sure.

“Crafting Blocks for Kids”

Miss ZZ isn’t old enough to do these yet, but it looks pretty cute. I wonder if I could switch out the pictures and put something like The Doctor and Daleks on them?

“8 Freezer Meals”

I love freezer meals. It’s easy to do a few in one day and as long as I remember to thaw it out a day or two before, I have a dinner that only needs cooking. Sweet.


They are still adding classes, so I will have to keep an eye out.  It’s free to go to the expo. You can get wristbands to go to classes. It’s $10 for a 2 class wristband, $20 for all classes on one day, $30 for all classes on both days and $90 for a VIP pass. Some classes have a little materials fee and it will be noted next to the listing. Kids 12 and under are free.

Are you going? You can get $5 off with this code (affiliate):


Simple enough, eh? Let me know if you are going. I might get to have a meet & greet opportunity there if you want. Let me know.

Are you going?


Disclaimer: I received a free 2 pass class to the Pinners Conference. I really am super duper excited to go! I definitely need to learn how to be productive with kids if nothing else. See my Disclosure Policy for more details.