Society often relentlessly tries to channel us all into one common box. Be this. Be that. Wear X. Do that. Don’t do that. Never do THAT

So mundane

So boring

So common

The older I get, the more I realize that it’s ok just to be who I am. Someone who can be pretty silly. Someone who is:

A geek

A dork

A nerd


A harmless weirdo

I am uncommon

One of my missions in life is to help fellow geeks (and anyone else, for the record) be comfortable in your own skin. It is becoming more acceptable to be one, but we’re not quite there yet. If you want to wear a Jayne Cobb (Firefly) hat, do it. Pretend to cast a spell with your Harry Potter-style wand. Decorate your kitchen in Star Wars? Why not!

Be uncommon in the world and leave your mark proudly

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As long as you’re doing the basics of that crazy thing called adulting, you’re good. Make sure your bills are paid. Feed yourself, your partner, your kids, your pets. Keep things at least sorta clean. Be kinda responsible. After that, who cares if you like to play video games and go to comic book conventions, where you wear fun costumes?

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Another shirt that definitely describes me

Be weird is a good message to keep in mind :)

Daring to be yourself is brave, indeed

Ah, be brave. So easy to want to do, so hard to ACTUALLY do

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Fashion Friday Story – 4/28/17 – Be Series Graphic Tees for $15.95 + FREE SHIPPING w/code BESTORY

Which one would you choose, and why?