I am a dork. A geek. A nerd. Technically they all have different definitions, but I claim them all in some way. I am married to a geek and am raising a geek baby. I work from home as a writer and freelancer online.

The players:

  • Miss Nessa grew up on the West Coast. She started playing video games in the 1980s when Mom bought an Intellivision for the family (and Mom made sure she got her turn too!) She is the one who blogs here.
  • Mister Eric hails from the East Coast. He says the pinnacle of his popularity in school was the 4th grade when Nintendo was all the rage.
  • Miss ZZ is practically destined to be a geek if we have anything to do with it, though in the spirit of wanting her to be herself, we’re ok if she isn’t. She really loves books and is almost over the stage of chewing on them 🙂
Someday I want a really fancy Zelda costume. I rigged this up myself..it's decent.

2 Dorks while they were dating 🙂

I love reading voraciously, video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Doctor Who, music, science, cooking, writing, crafts, 5Ks, the ocean, cheese, chocolate, and eleventy billion other things.

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